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Our training barn is located in the Allgau region of southern Germany, one of the most beautiful places in all of Europe. Here, riders and horses train amid green pastures, picturesque forests, and peaceful lakes. The landscape invites visitors to relax and enjoy. It also reflects upon our training philosophy: patience, empathy, calmness and acceptance of your horse, as he is. This philosophy keeps the horse content and healthy.

Our training and riding principles are founded upon the classical masters like Baucher, Gueriniere, Pluvinel, and Steinbrecht. Many riders would like to experience the highly-touted harmony between horse and rider. We want to show you that, with our philosophy, it is possible to find this harmony and to experience it for yourself. 

Not only do we wish to show you the biomechanically-correct way to ride your horse, we would also like to introduce you to the cultural heritage of horsemanship and teach you its history and its importance. This means that we are reviving the training methods of the ancient European classical riding academies. We are once-again teaching their forgotten techniques in our work-in-hand, groundwork, longe rein work, longe line and double-longeing, as well as Spanish walk and airs above the ground.

More and more, riders of all age groups are interested in learning these centuries-old riding techniques, which give them new avenues toward understanding and enjoying their horses. Unfortunately, not everyone can come to Germany to work with us. We therefore offer clinics, both in Europe and the USA. The interest has grown substantially in North America - we currently offer several clinics per year. Check out dates and locations information under the "clinics" tab.

It is our desire to preserve this wonderful way of riding through our teaching and training. We want to utilize this website to revive forgotten methods and to communicate with all that are interested in the Art of Classical Riding.



Nachtbild der Reitschule für klassische Reitkunst